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Federal Employment Lawyer Washington DC

You might feel reluctant to take legal actions, be assured that Alden Law Group is experienced and capable of handling complex cases and bring them to successful endings. If as a federal employee, you are confronted with personnel problems, discrimination, harassment or any of such that makes your workplace hostile for you, do not hesitate any further to have an experienced federal employment lawyer Washington DC step in to stand for you.Alden Law Group is concerned with defending federal government employees. Protecting the federal employees entails ensuring that their workplace is free from retaliation and discrimination. Alden Law Group is the federal employment lawyer Washington D.C. that will help you get compensation when employment and labor laws are breached, the result of which may be adverse to your well-being.

It should be noted that federal employment rules differ from private sector rules; in that, federal employees have rights to special benefits. These special benefits include:

  • Job Security
  • Paid Leave
  • Health Care
  • Retirement Benefits

Several federal laws have, however, been passed to ensure that federal employees are not denied of their rights. Also, in the course of discharging their duties, federal employees are protected by certain federal laws from discrimination, harassment and retaliatory actions from their superiors, although the bulk of federal employees do not know what rights they have and do not know how to protect their rights. You may have been wronged and also have your federal employment on the line or wrongfully terminated, you do not have to suffer in silence; there are laws under which filing a lawsuit to seek a redress is possible. A good federal employment lawyer Washington DC shall use his knowledge and experience to build strong cases for you. He will neither rest nor relent till you get justice and damages you deserve.

For your legal representation by the federal employment lawyer Washington DC, Alden Law Group shall provide you excellent service by pursuing justice in court on your behalf. The federal government is bound to abide by employment laws and your right must be protected. You should not be unlawfully denied of the rights and privileges that relate to your position, unless the government has a sound, legal and justifiable reason to do so. Consequently, Alden Law Group can counsel you as regards your options, help you negotiate advantageous settlement agreements and vehemently represent you in litigation. Your best interest is the concern of Alden Law Group.