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Labor Lawyer Washington DC

Selecting a competent labor lawyer Washington DC to present your case is very essential if you wish to win your case. Such cases are always demanding and extensive especially from the sides of both the plaintiff and the defendant. Labor lawyers deal in several areas of the labor law which include: discrimination on the ground of age, sex, nationality, sexual harassment, negligence of the terms of safety at workplace, wages etc.Labor lawyer Washington DC can represent both corporate organizations and individuals who have labor related cases to pursue. And it is best to choose a labor lawyer that has both as clients in his portfolio, as this shall confirm his specialty and deep legal philosophy in labor laws. Alden Law Group has for long been representing both corporate entities and individual employees in labor related cases; therefore, the group is suitable to represent you appropriately. If you have suffered victimization at your workplace, stop feeling lonely and self-pitying; Alden Law Group is there to come to your aid. You do not have to endure the pains without fighting for your rights; there are specific laws in place to handle whatever type of injustice you suffered.

It is germane to give an overview of what the labor lawyer Washington DC can do for you. Hiring a labor lawyer will ensure that you are protected from:

  • discriminatory acts which could be based on sex, race, nationality, age, religion, disability etc.
  • harassment e.g. sexual harassment, hostile workplace
  • unfair labor practices that may include denial of wages, overtime etc
    denial of leave
  • wrongful termination of employment
  • retaliation as a result of claims filed against the employer etc.

In the same vein, as a corporate organization, hiring a labor lawyer would help you a lot in averting unnecessary litigations that could arise from your actions, because you would be professionally and legally counselled in matters relating to labor. In matters of collective bargaining and negotiations with the labor union in your organization, it is highly expedient to have a qualified labor lawyer involved in order to have the issues resolved without any complications thereafter. Furthermore, when contract disputes arise as a result of not reaching an agreement during negotiations with the workers, it is wise to invite a labor lawyer in order to help mediate quickly to ensure that the disagreement does not degenerate to unpleasant issues like strike action, protest, disruption of business activities, litigations etc. Alden Law Group is a labor lawyer Washington DC that is experienced, responsive and successful in labor laws. Contact them for all your labor law related matters.