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Whistleblower Lawyer Washington DC

The informant that gives information of misconducts or malpractice by an employer or company is referred to as a whistleblower. The most popular whistleblowers are those who filed Qui Tam cases under the Federal False Claims Act. Usually, the whistleblower is an employee of the company in question. As a part of efforts to motivate employees to disclose any illegal activities of their employers or organizations, federal and state statutes to refrain employers from retaliatory exercises against the employees that file such reports have been put in place.It was not earlier than 1986 that a law to protect whistleblowers was made. Whistleblower lawyer Washington DC has several years of experience in getting justice for victims. Majorly, the employees who become whistleblowers are medical practitioners in hospitals, nurses, engineers, sales representatives, internal auditors etc. Such employees are protected under the Whistleblower Protection Law, in that, they should not be discharged, suspended, threatened or harassed in whatever form that contravenes their employment’s terms and conditions.

Any whistleblower that files a successful case can get up to 30% of the amount that the government recovers. It is sad to note that fear makes every potential whistleblower discouraged; in the sense that, those who defraud the government may retaliate. Exposing fraud is a serious endeavor as whistleblowers are handsomely rewarded by the government. However, it is strongly advised that you should contact a sound lawyer before filing such reports.

What a Whistleblower Lawyer Washington DC Does

  • He ensures that the whistleblower’s rights and reputation are protected.
  • He exposes the financial incentives or rewards accruable to the whistleblower, which beforehand, he may not be aware of.
  • He ensures that the whistleblower gets full protection under the False Claims Act by suing for double the pay that a whistleblower is to receive and special damages, if he suffers retaliation. It is noteworthy to state that office politics should not be used as a reason for filing a complaint against the employer. Also, the Whistleblower Protection should not be used for personal gains.

How To Choose a Whistleblower Lawyer Washington DC

The outcome of your False Claims case will be greatly determined by the law firm you choose to represent you. You, therefore, need to consider the following tips before deciding on the whistleblower lawyer to represent you.

  • Previous Recorded Success: It is important to know the success rate of the law firm you want to choose in Qui Tam cases. You should verify if the won cases the law firm boasts of are under Federal False Claims Act.
  • Expertise of The Law Firm: Choose only law firms that have lawyers that specialize in representing whistleblowers on False Claims.
  • Working Experience With The Department of Justice: The probability of winning a Qui Tam cases is higher when the government joins it. If the law firm had the government join it in previous Qui Tam cases, you could consider it to represent you.

Alden Law Group is whistleblower lawyer Washington DC most qualified to represent you in False Claims cases, owing to group’s expertise, experience and working success in Qui Tam cases.