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Wrongful Termination Lawyer Washington DC

Wrongful termination depicts a situation whereby an employee is wrongfully dismissed or discharged from his duty. It can also be described as a situation whereby an employee is dismissed from his job without cause and in contrary to the terms and conditions of employment. Wrongful termination lawyer Washington DC is a breach of an employment contract.If you have suspicions that you have been wrongfully fired from your job, the following tips will help you ascertain if truly you are a victim of wrongful termination or wrongful discharge.

  • If you are discriminated against because of your age
  • If you are fired because of your gender
  • If your appointment was wrongfully terminated because you are pregnant
  • If you are dismissed because of your religion which does not interfere with your duties
  • If you are sacked because you are from a particular race, nationality, color etc.
  • If you are dismissed in retaliation for filing a claim or report against your employer, especially when you acted as a whistleblower
  • If your disability was the reason why you were relieved of your job wrongfully
  • If the reason given by your employer is deemed illegal by your wrongful termination lawyer Washington DC

Although it is not every act of firing is that is against the law, if for one of the reasons given above you were dismissed, you certainly need to contact a wrongful termination lawyer Washington DC When you contact a wrongful termination lawyer in this kind of case, he would be able to determine which kind of compensation you should seek. It might be that you would file a claim to be reinstated to the position you were, or the position you were unfairly denied of. You may also be entitled to severance, back pay or unemployment compensation.

The main purpose of seeking a redress is to either get your job back or want compensation of some sorts. You definitely need the services of a qualified wrongful termination lawyer because of the complexities involved. The reason is that the court has to establish that wrongful termination of your employment truly existed before you could be awarded any type of compensation or redress. The court will examine:

  • Length Of Your Employment
  • Regularity Of Promotion
  • Record Of Positive Performance Review
  • Assurance Of Job Security
  • Whether The Employer Breached Any Of The Terms Of Your Employment
  • If You Received A Promise Of Long Term Employment At The Time You Were Fired Etc.

In order to relieve you of the stress and headaches that could result from the intricacies involved in the process of filing a lawsuit against the unlawful termination of your employment, contact Alden Law Group to help you simplify the processes and have your rights restored or fully compensated for the injustice you suffered from your employer.